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I've owned the TRP for a little over 8 months now and I have carried in many situations including leisure with an undershirt and over-shirt. I have not once been called out by my friends for carrying it concealed. Generally, unless someone feels me up, they wouldn't notice. I carry in on my right hip between my body and my pants. I am 5'10", 180lbs, and in decent shape. I can even tie my shoes without the handle extruding through my shirt too much. This being said, I don't understand any of this "impossible to conceal" nonsense. Like Eric, this gun will stay with me for as long as I'm able to use it.



I have had my TRP (no rail) for roughly 8 months now and out of all the handguns I have shot, which includes such guns as Sig P229, I find it shoots remarkably smooth, even when compared to a 9mm. My last gun was a 40 cal and it has less noticeable recoil than that smaller caliber. I have put my gun to the test, every time I go shooting I buy a different type of ammunition to see if I can find any to fail in my gun. Up to this point I have yet to find a bullet my gun won't shoot, this includes Russian ammo. Don't worry, I did some very thorough cleaning after shooting the corrosive Russian ammo. Where this gun is a full sized and naturally makes it harder to conceal, it is slimmer than most compacts on the market and as long as you know what you are doing you can conceal the gun fairly easily and with almost no bulge. I run the original 7 rd mags as well as 10rd chip McCormick; although, the plastic pad on the 10 rounders had to be smoothed down to feed smoothly without catching the ma...[Read More]



I have the TRP with rail. it's my favorite gun I own now. that thing is a monster; almost impossible to conceal but oh well. as for performance... it shoots through the same hole at 15 meters. only down side is mine doesn't always lock back after i fire the last round with my brand new Wilson combat magazines.

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