The Taurus .22 PLY pocket pistol is one of the smallest and lightest guns that the company produces. The original version had both a metal slide and frame but the platform was eventually changed over to a polymer frame. A twin .25 version of the pistol is also available but will receive its own review set.

This pocket pistol is purpose built to be both light and small in order to maximize concealability. All superfluous design elements have been eliminated in order to achieve these goals. Examining the pistol from top down, this quickly becomes clear.

The sights of the .22 PLY pistol are fixed with the front sight made integral to the barrel and the rear formed as part of the slide. The trigger is double-action-only and the gun cycles via simple blowback operation. The barrel itself is of a tip-up design which makes chambering the first round both safe and easy, even for those of sleight wrist strength.

Safety systems for this pocket pistol are limited to a typical manual thumb safety and single internal safety. No ambidextrous safety is made available on these guns.

The .22 PLY gets a typical dark blued finish with the slide sporting aggressive scalloped slide serrations that make manipulation of the slide a non-issue. The 8 round magazine also has a extended but plate which gives your grip a little more purchase on the gun while shooting.

Reviews of the Taurus .22 PLY can be found below. Please limit the reviews here to the .22 version of the pistol because, as we said before, the .25 PLY pocket pistol will have its own exclusive review space.