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For over 40 years, Lou Alessi worked as a master craftsman of high-quality gun holsters. In 1974 he established his shop in upstate New york, just outside of Buffalo. For the most part, Lou worked alone, assisted primarily by his daughter Alexandra as he turned out a wider variety of leather holsters for military, law enforcement, and the civilian carrying public.

In between production runs, Lou always found time to develop cutting edge holster designs. From his tireless effort and attention to detail, such holsters as the Talon, Watch-6, DOJ, and Bodyguard holster lines came into existence. Never one to rest on his laurels, Lou kept brought the innovative PCH design to market few years into the 21st century. Because the mouth of the holster is permanently held open without any metal reinforcement, the PCH is considered to be one of the most comfortable, yet functional IWB holster available today.

Sadly, Lou passed away in February of 2009 and many customers who had holsters on order worried if they would ever see their orders filled. Thankfully, Lou had trained his long-time friend Tom Kulwicki and his daughter Alexandra the in's and out's of crafting each of the different holster designs. Today, after a complete upgrade of the entire shop with new, better equipment, Alessi Gun Holsters still continues to produce what many consider to be the finest holsters in the world.

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Each holster is still made to order and matched to the purchasers particular gun. The craftsman assigned to produce a particular holster will follow all of the steps as laid out by Lou including "boning out" the detailed edges. While the high quality standards that Lou left in place still stand to ensure that only the best holsters come out of the production house, the additional technology and manpower means that customers can get their custom Alessi holsters faster than ever.

A lot of people will spend a lot of money on the best holster that they can find but then pair it up with a thin "dress" belt. This usually doesn't work well, especially for full-size, high-capacity service pistols which tend to be rather heavy. So here's an inside tip from Alessi Holsters DOES make gun belts. They are multi-layer and EXTREMELY durable. They are cut "curved" as any good gun belt would be and are available to order but you will NOT find them on the company website. You have to call and order by phone. They are NOT cheap (start thinking $100+) but will last practically forever with proper care. They are made in runs only about three times per year, so you'll want to put an order in early and plan for a bit of a wait.

Below you'll find independent reviews of the different designs produced over the years by Alessi Gun Holsters.

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