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As a collector I always told my friends that if Colt ever produced a .44 magnum revolver I would be in line to buy it.My dream came true when I aqquired a brand new Colt Anaconda in 1991.I use Federal 240 grain hollow point ammo in this weapon and it is extremely accurate.There is very little recoil due to the heavy 8 inch lugged barrel so if a second shot is actually needed you are right back on target instantly..44 specials are really great also.The bright stainless steel finish is easy to maintain with silver polish. I have fired about 160 rounds through this weapon since purchase.And it just gets better.I used it once to discourage a home invasion and the criminal was so intimidated by the sight of it he could not run fast enough.It is simply the finest handgun ever produced by Colt.It is the Rolls Royce of large Cal revolvers.



I have had Ruger S&W 44 mags but the only one I kept and hunt with is my anaconda. I have taken many deer through the years with it and have shot it alot. Best handgun I ever owened.



Have put several thousand max power 44mags out of my 6" Ana with Pachmayr Grips. Shoots like a dream. I have a S&W 29 and Ruger, but they can't hold a candle to the Colt. Just like my US Army 1917 Colt 45acp is vastly superior to my 1917 S&W. I do like Smith's and have 12 of them from 1859 to present models, but the Colts just feel and shoot better. Wish Colt would get their heads straight and start making revolvers again.




The Anaconda is a beautiful gun and is probably on of the best pistols I own and would trust it with my life any day. It is very accurate, durable and has a great value in fact it has increased in value quite a bit in a short amount of time. It is not very concealable but if you do carry, be ready to scare someone quite a bit when you pull it out. If you do actually shoot someone they won't get back up unless there a zombie. In that case a nicely placed headshot will do nicely.



I have been lucky enough to come by A Anaconda with A 8" barrel in mint condition.My first time shooting the gun was plesant to say the least, I expected bone jarring recoil but to say the least it was just a bit above my 45acp, the gun is ported and with the custom grips it was plesant. the accuracy is dead on at 40 feet the muzzle blast is enough to kill vegatation in A three foot area,but other than that I think it was money well spent.

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