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Worst customer service you will ever encounter and the owners ( Springfield armory ) don't care. Search around and you will see this is the common feeling.

Beretta 84FS Compact Pistol


The 84FS is a compact pistol by Beretta that features a 13 round double-stack magazine. It shoots the .380 AUTO cartridge and is available in anodized black or satin nickel finishes, features a double-action/single-action trigger setup, ambidextrous safety, combat sights, and multiple safety systems.

Revolver Reviews


Long before semi-automatic pistols came on the scene the revolver was the sidearm of choice for law enforcement, military, and civilian use. The revolvers produced today are precision machines that rival any automatic for accuracy and reliability. Where these guns fall short in ammo capacity they often make up for it with power.

Types of Holsters Part 1: Hip Holsters

First in a two-part article series going over the basic types of holsters and in what environment they perform best. Overview of traditional belt holsters as well as IWB holsters. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of both in this article.

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