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Miami Classic Shoulder Holster by Galco

The direct descendant of the original Jackass Shoulder Rig. The Miami Classic is enormously popular not just because of its celebrity inclusion in a number of feature films but because of its proven performance in the field.

APX IWB Holster by Alessi

The APX IWB holster is a fast draw, straight-drop design by Alessi Holsters that is anchored securely with a nylon Talon clip. Custom made in either black or brown leather for bother right handed and left handed shooters. Only semiautomatic pistols are supported.

Leather Pocket Holster by Alessi

Lou Alessi brought the same level of precision craftsmanship to the table when designing his basic leather pocket holster as he did when creating his more well-known designs. Purpose built with a deep cutaway design that allows for a full grip on the gun.

Ankle Glove Ankle Holster by Galco

The Ankle Glove is a leather ankle holster secured with a lined neoprene band. It is Galco's best selling ankle rig. Works well with small pistols or revolvers and can be ordered to fit the inside of either the right or left leg. Black is the only color option. As is true with most Galco holsters, the Ankle Glove is mass produced, so getting your hands on one shouldn't be a problem.

SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster by Blackhawk!

The SERPA is the most advanced duty holster system that Blackhawk! offers. This Level II version of their venerable design is adapted for uniformed use vs. tactical use. All major SERPA design elements are retained.

Cop 3-Slot Duty Holster by Galco

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This is the only 3-Slot design in Galco's Cop line of duty holsters. Can be worn strong side with a forward can or in the crossdraw position while driving. Switching between carry modes is easy, the leather construction is know to be long lasting, and a retention strap is included in order to comply with many department regulations.

PCH Pocket Holster by Milt Sparks

When Milt Sparks set out to create his own personal carry holster, he didn't know how popular the PCH would become. Considered to by many to be one of the finest pocket holsters in the world, it is certainly high quality. Of course, such quality comes at a price.

CC-AT Belt Holster by Milt Sparks

A favorite of IDPA shooters, the CC-AT belt holster by Milt Sparks is known for being especially fast on the draw because of it proper retention and forward cant. Each CC-AT is custom made to order by a single craftsman with details "boned out" in order to provide a superior product.

SERPA Level 2 Tactical Holster by Blackhawk!

One of the premier tactical holsters today, the Blackhawk's SERPA system is legendary for its durability and level of retention. Formed form injection molded plastic and available in a number of finishes to meet the needs of any mission. New thigh pad allows for ventilation to the leg.

Guardian Shoulder Holster by Alessi

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While Milt Sparks has a pocket holster built around the Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver, Lou Alessi decided to craft a shoulder holster for the small-frame revolver. The result is The Guardian.

PLE Unlined Paddle Holster by Galco

The PLE paddle holster by Galco was made to meet the specific needs of law enforcement officers who wanted a paddle holster that featured an integrated thumb break retention strap to conform to agency requirements. It has since become popular with civilian shooters as well.

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