Bianchi Ranger HuSH Shoulder Holster

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The Ranger HuSH is a nylon hunting shoulder holster by Bianchi that is made for large frame revolvers. It is weather resistant and easily converted to a belt holster when needed. Available in black trilaminate nylon only.

SERPA CQC Holster by Blackhawk!

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Blackhawk's SERPA CQC belt holster offers two levels of retention for those who want to make absolutely sure that their gun remains sheathed while running, jumping, or struggling with an assailant. Can be ordered as either a belt or paddle holster. Available in either standard black or with carbon fiber accent for most service pistols.

Talon Plus IWB Holster by Alessi

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One of the most streamlined and functionally basic IWB holsters that Alessi makes, the Talon Plus features an open muzzle design, nylon Talon Clips, protective front sight channel, and a full sweat guard for comfort. Custom made to order for most pistols and revolvers.

Standard CQC Holster by Blackhawk!

This straight drop hard-shell carbon fiber belt holster utilizes the newest in manufacturing technology to produce a holster that is extremely durable while retaining full functionality and draw speed while at the same time ringing in at a significantly lower price than most custom leather holsters.

Talon IWB Holster by Alessi

Those who have had the chance to use a Talon IWB holster by Alessi know that it it is a design that goes back to the basics. Some even consider it to be the most fundamental holster in the genre available today. Lou Alessi designed the Talon with the intention of allowing it to be fully functional with or without the use of a gun belt by integrating Talon Clips as the primary method of securing th...[Read More]

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