The Bodyguard by Alessi Holsters is a shoulder holster designed to be the most comfortable and concealable shoulder rig available today. It is highly favored by 1911 enthusiasts but has fans among handgun owners across the board.

The holster is of the rearward facing variety and also features a weak-side ammo pouch. When adjusted properly, this rig can be worn for exceptionally long periods of time without any noticeable discomfort. To ensure that the holster has longest service life possible, the harness does not utilize any nylon or elastic. These synthetic materials are known to become uncomfortable after extended periods of wear and were determined by Lou himself to be unacceptable for integration into top-quality shoulder holsters.

With the Body Guard, nothing but the finest materials are used in its construction. The shoulder holster is made from 100% top grain russet leather. This includes the holsters itself, the harness straps, and magazine pouch. All snaps and connection fasteners are made of corrosion-resistant materials. Many owners who have experience with a number of different shoulder holster designs dub it the most comfortable, concealable shoulder rig in production today.

The holster is positioned semi-horizontally (butt down in the hollow of the body) for a fast natural draw. It incorporates a unique ‘Speed Break’ system is fast on the draw and entirely secure under the most extreme carry conditions. Due to the nature of the the design of some firearms as well as some law enforcement internal regulations, some Bodyguard shoulder holsters are produced with a thumb break instead. Glock and Sig auto pistols for example will have a thumb break, as well as others designed without external safeties.

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