When Galco designed the Cop 3-Slot they meant it to be an economical duty holster that would combine high-performance and long life without the traditionally associated high cost.

This holster features an adjustable tension screw to custom-tune the retention pressure the holster exerts on the pistol. It also has three belt slots which enable to holster to be worn with or without a forward cant. This feature also allows the gun to be carried in a crossdraw position if preferred. The holster protects the majority of the handgun including the muzzle and is form-fitted to each individual handgun model at the factory.

As black is the color of choice for a duty holster and there is little demand for any other, it is the only color the Cop 3-Shot is available in. The holster has been precision molded to fit a wide range of handgun with almost all semi-automatic pistols and most service revolvers represented. It also will accept a belt up to 1 3/4".

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