Currently, the snapSlide is the only OWB belt holster that Crossbreed Holsters produces. While it is still based on a molded-kydex-to-leather hybrid platform, the holster backing is much smaller in order to facilitate proper carry.

The properly spaced belt loops work effectively to cradle the holster close to the body for a secure, yet comfortable, fit. Concealment is generally considered by many to be as good as you can get from a belt holster.

When Mark Craighead designed the SnapSlide, he made a point to focus on not allowing the grip to fall away or sag from the body as is common on many conventional holster designs. The riveted leather/kydex hybrid construction works effectively to achieve this aim.

In contrast to the two-tone nature of the SuperTuck, this belt holster is available in Black, Brown, or Tan solo color finishes. Both the black and brown editions have an extra layer of leather bonded to the outward face of the holster in order to enhance the overall appearance when worn. Each holster is made-to-order and is available to either right handed or left handed shooters.

Both pistols and revolvers are supported and the holster can accommodate either 1 & 1/4" or 1 & 1/2" belt widths.

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