One of the few pistols chambered in the 10mm cartridge, the Colt Delta Elite is one of the most powerful 1911 pistols in the world.

First introduced in 1987, Colt's new pistol featured an overhauled and strengthened frame based on the classic M1911A1 that was built to withstand the increased physical that the 10mm is known for. A new double recoil spring was added to address the increased blowback as well.

The Delta Elite was the first pistol after the original Bren Ten to be mass produced in 10mm. The failure of the 10mm to successfully earn any large-production government contracts, and the apathy that the shooting public showed to the cartridge after the Bren Ten's many shortcomings soon caused the Delta Elite sales to slide as well. After a few short years of production, Colt chose to cut the Delta Elite from the comapny's lineup. For a long time afterwards, only the Glock G20 and G29 remained in large-scale production.

In the years following September 11th, a renewed interest in guns swept through the American public. The 10mm soon began to rise from obscurity and Colt announced at the 2008 SHOT show that they would be re-introducing the pistol to meet the growing demand for 10mm guns and the particular demand for a 1911 pistol chambered for the round.

While earlier editions of the Delta Elite were offered in both a blued and stainless steel finish, only the stainless option remains for new guns offered by Colt. Style elements the are uniqe to the Delta Elite include a triangle icon integrated into wrap-around rubber grips as well as roll stamped into the slide.

The Delta Elite has chosen to go with its own upgraded 80 Series firing pin safety in lieu of the original standard safety system common to most other 1911 pistols.

Magazine capacity is 8 rounds. The gun has an aluminum trigger, white dot sight, arched main spring housing, and standard grip safety. It is not equipped from the factory with an ambidextrous safety or magazine release.

Reviews of the Colt Delta Elite 1911 pistol can be found below. Not a lot of people have had the chance to own one of these, so if you do, please write a review of your own so others can know what they are getting before they buy one.