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I just bought my first Colt Delta Elite a month ago(1-21-15) and is the first 10mm I've owned. I have several other 1911's. gold cup trophy and commander in .38 super.+ Springfield's,etc. The Delta Elite is in a class by itself. As a former Old Naval Aviator F-4J driver who had to pack a S&W.38 Spl.Mod.15 revolver or nothing I'd had given my left you know what for something like the Colt 10mm Delta Elite. Power,precise,beautifully balanced. The Colt Delta Elite is a 1911 to have,keep and collect.



I had a G20 years ago that I parted company with for some reason and lived to regret . I've also tried several other makes and models for CCW daily carry . A Charles Daly stainless Combat Commander sized .45 ( Phillipine JUNK !! ) A Taurus Tracker stainless 4" , .44 mag that I still own and carry from time to time , an HK P7 ( my summertime / shorts / tank tops & sandals piece ) , " my wife's " Sig P225 ( nice pistol ) , an EAA Witness full size " wonder coat " .38 Super ( Italian JUNK , but really like the caliber ) , a PT 1911 blue .38 Super ( Brazillian junk but still love the caliber ) . Now , due to the sale of a motorbike , I once again own a 10 mm - A Colt Delta Elite , blue , with a serial # just under 10K ( circa 1987 ) and she is a thing of beauty . She's still rather plain , but she has the Colt pedigree ... and a Nowlin barrel , and an OTTOCOMP Compensator , and a full length recoil spring guide rod , and 24# Wolff springs , and a big 'ol beavertail grip safety with mem...[Read More]



Have owned the Delta Elite for over 3 years and have thourouhly enjoyed the experience . fully confident in it's reliability,which is my very 1st requirement of a firearm, and also of it's ability to drop most anything in my path especially with Buffalo ammo at 1350 fps,180 grain. great gun sure to appreciate in value. thanks, BG



I have a blued version so I would guess its one of the earlier models. as far as Durability I have put some stiff loads through her without a Problem. I handload and through the chronograph today I had 165 grain loads using Speer Gold dots, Starline Brass trimmed, Flash hole deburred and used Winchester Large Pistol Primers and 14.8 grains of AA#9 a little heavier than max in speer manuels but worked them up 2 grains at a time and got an Honesy 1388 fps through the Chrono with a 5" BBL DE. I love it so much now I'm looking for a Gold cup Elite in 10mm and get rid of my Para Ordenance. PXT 1911 SSP with a lot of tricks added and a VERY accurate Gun from the Match Barrel Down. If your wondering between a Glock Plastic fantastic, Fantastic because she lasted as long as they have. I'll give them some loads that will give then a 2 piece barrel and put the same round in my delta and want to keep shooting the same load. Sure you can shoot target ammo without a hitch in a Glock but a friend of...[Read More]

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