DeSantis Gun Holsters

DeSantis Holsters

The simple focus of creating good looking holsters that function properly after every draw has helped DeSantis Holsters become one of the largest producers of gun leather in the world.

The company is know for supplying large contracts for various government agencies. This has enabled the company to establish a secure pattern of growth while maintaining top-notch customer service.

Due in part to the high-quality craftsmanship that accompanies the various holsters coming out of their Amityville NY production facility, the DeSantis was chosen to be the official supplier of the John Wayne commemorative holster and gun belt set. This premium leather combo is a prime reproduction of the original rig worn by Duke in many of John Wayne's western movies.

Our products not only look appealing but, more importantly, they function. For this reason, DeSantis Gunhide is the holster of choice for a wide range of agencies from the Department of Homeland Security to our brave men and women overseas defending our freedom and our way of life.

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DeSantis has been contracted as the supplier of quality holsters and accessories to Smith & Wesson®. We are also much honored to have been commissioned by Wayne Enterprises to produce an exclusive, limited-quantity John Wayne commemorative holster and gun belt set. Made from the highest quality leather and created with precision craftsmanship, it is a faithful reproduction of the rig used by Duke for many of his western movies.

Many holsters come on the market that are immediately identified as DeSantis imitations, some are easy to see while some are better disguised. None of the knockoffs come with backing and assurance that a real Desantis holster provides.

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