Like it's 9mm cousin, the Springfield Armory EMP 1911 in .40 S&W is sub-compact pistol designed from the ground up as a concealed carry gun that is meant to effective as both a primary weapon or as a backup gun.

The Springfield Armory pistol smiths were given free reign to incorporate fundamental design changes to John Moses Browning's classic design in order to achieve greater accuracy and reliability without abandoning the fundamental elements that make a gun a 1911.

The EMP achieves this end very well. At 5” high and 6.5” long, the gun is small by most anyone's standards. Instead of trying to increase capacity by going to a double-stack magazine such as is found on the Para Warthog, the EMP retains the single-stack magazine and thus keeps a slim profile that is easy to carry in an IWB holster. Springfield Armory EMP pistols chambered in .40 S&W are also rather unique in that the overall capacity is not significantly diminished when compared to the 9mm variant of the gun. The EMP-9 magazine carries 9 shots while the EMP-40, arguably a more powerful gun, still carries 8.

Other than the magazine and barrel, the majority of the two guns' components are shared in common. This includes the aluminum frame, the forged stainless steel side, the low-profile 3-dot combat sights, the cross-drilled trigger, ambidextrous safety, wood grips, skeletonized hammer, beavertail grip safety and original-style magazine release. The barrel of the single-action EMP is designed to lock in place without the traditional barrel bushing and the recoil spring is of the double variety and is simlar to that found on XD pistols.

Springfield Armory EMP .40 Pistol Reviews

Springfield Armory EMP .40 Pistol

Serrations are only applied to the rear of slide on this gun and both the Springfield Armory and EMP logos are roll-stamped into it as well. The gun is limited to one finish style which is bi-tone in nature with a stainless steel slide & barrel matched to a black hardcoat anodized aluminum frame.

Reviews for the Springfield Armory EMP sub-compact piston in .40 Smith & Wesson can be found below. If you are looking for reviews on the 9mm version of the pistol you can look at the EMP-9 review set, same goes for the Loaded Micro Compact, and Micro Compact Operator. Please feel free to write a review of your own to share the personal experiences you've had with this little gun and we'll get it posted up for. Don't forget to send a picture of your pistol to if you would like us to add them to the gallery here.

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