While the average shoulder holster is worn by those carrying for personal defense purposes, it's important to remember that there area whole host of hunters that carry large-frame revolvers into the field in pursuit of wild game.

These sportsmen were not forgotten by Lou Alessi who developed the Fieldmaster shoulder holster early on to provide a quality option for those with long-barrel hand cannons that need something which will allow them to carry in comfort all day.

This shoulder holster utilizes a unique swivel design to allow for a natural draw with such long barreled weapons. It is built on a structure of heavy 10oz. russet leather. It incorporates the same harness and adjustment system as the Bodyguard shoulder holster. The integrated breakaway snaps allow the weapon to be drawn in a single fluid motion.

Hunting is a activity that is defined by movement. For that reason the belt loop of this shoulder holster is mounted on a swivel so the wearer may sit, bend, or twist in any direction without the holster binding into the body. The ammo pouches carried under the weak-side arm can carry a full twelve rounds of spare ammunition.

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