The Fobus Compact Paddle Holster shares almost everything in common with the Standard Paddle Holster.

Still formed from injection molded, space-aged plastic which can take plenty of daily abuse. It's still very easy to maintain because of the non-corrosive nature of the all the construction components. It still has a rubberized paddle liner to increase friction and enhance the speed of drawing your gun when it counts. With everything so similar it's commonly asked as to what's the real difference between the Compact Paddle Holster and it's big brother.

The obvious answer is size. This holster is made to be extremely light weight and concealable when paired with a smaller sized handgun such as a Glock 26 or a Kimber Ultra Carry. It also features a Yaqui style forward can for better positioning while carrying.

This paddle holster also deviates from the original in that it is a "slide" style holster that leaves the barrel of the handgun exposed. This allows for multiple frame sizes of the same gun to be be used with the same holster. The downside is that this allows for the muzzle of the gun to experience extra wear and increases the chances that the gun will be pushed up and out of the holster while sitting.

There are fewer variations of the Fobus Compact Paddle Holster when compared to the standard design. First of all is the fact that there are fewer variants offered by the company. The original comes in 164 flavors while the compact only sports 33. One reason for this is the fact that there are more medium and large-frame guns than compact ones but the other is the fact that the Compact Paddle Holster is NOT offered in Left-Handed Draw setups configurations.

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