One of the best-selling service pistols in history, the Glock 17 is the gun that started it all. The brainchild of Gaston Glock was developed as an answer to Austria's open call for weapons designers to submit prototypes to be considered for an upcoming government contract set to upgrade the Austrian army's aging lineup of pistols.

The Glock 17 was originally chambered in the 9mm NATO round because it was a strict requirement by the Austrian government for all submitted prototypes. Since then the company has developed a whole host of pistols chambered in various sizes, but due to the increasing popularity of the 9x19 round, it has remained the company's top seller.

Incorporated into the Glock 17 is the company's "Safe Action" which makes it almost impossible for the pistol to fire without the trigger be pulled. The gun is one of the best selling service pistols for law enforcement agencies worldwide because of its reputation as being an almost perfect blend of performance and durability. Other benefits include the fact that it is lightweight and has a large magazine capacity (17+1) when compared to other 9mm pistols. The frame of the pistol is made almost entirely of polymer and as the pistol field strips into four component assemblies, it is easy to keep in proper working order.

The company is very aggressive in publishing to the world all the high quality components that go into a Glock 17. The pistol features such items as a hammer forged barrel, integrated light rail, high-visibility sights, and a near indestructible polymer frame.

While we don't attempt to publish accuracy data here, it is well known that the Glock 17 is the type of pistol typically shoots straight out of the box and many top competitors use the gun right out of the box without any issue.

No product made by man is perfect, and with millions of Glock Pistols having been sold over the years it's invariably true that some customers run into more difficulties than others. Reviews for the Glock 17 can be found below. If you are willing to write a review of your own, please feel free to write exactly what you think about the gun. If you are a big fan, let people know why. If you have had a bad experience, share that as well. People need to know the whole truth, good and bad, about the Glock 17 before they commit to buying one of these guns and your fellow shooters thank you for your honesty.