While the Glock 17 may be the most widely favored of the company's pistols amongst law enforcement agencies, the G19 compact pistol is the favored model with civilian shooters in the United States these days. This is easy to understand considering the fact most civilian shooters who carry a gun do so in a concealed manner. As this gun has a shorter grip, it is easier to conceal and thus is more attractive to the millions of CCW holders nationwide.

The shorter grip of the Glock 19 compact pistol of course translates into a smaller capacity magazine out of the gate. Each compact magazine carries 17 rounds but extended magazines are made available that extend the grip and increase the capacity of the gun. The most popular of these extended magazines is of the 19 round variety which essentially transform the gun back into a full-size service pistol. An extra long 33 round magazine is made as well for those looking to spend more of their range time shooting and less time reloading.

The length of the Glock 19 shrinks as well. The length of the original gun being 7.32 inches while that of the compact version being only 6.85 inches. This may not seem like much on paper but you can tell the difference when carrying the gun in a concealed manner in either a belt holster or IWB holster.

All other traditional Glock characteristics remain the same on the G19 compact pistol. These include the low-profile combat sights, polymer frame, forged steel slide and barrel, internal striker based single-action trigger, and black hardcoat finish. From the “third generation” of pistols onward you'll find the guns equipped with integrated rails systems and finger grooves on the front strap of the grip as well.

Glock 19 Compact Pistol Photo Gallery

Glock G19 Compact Pistol

Glock Safe Action systems are shared in common with the other pistols in the platform including the trigger safety and two internal safety systems.

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