The Glock G20 is one of the few pistols chambered in the powerful 10mm AUTO cartridge still in mass production today. In fact, the only other 10mm pistol that is currently being produced in large numbers is the Colt Delta Elite.

There is little in the way of new innovation where the Glock 20 is concerned. It's overall design is shared with the more popular G17 and G22 models with the big difference being the performance the gun provides. That performance, however, is more a product of the 10mm cartridge than any factor unique to the G20 service pistol.

The 10mm is often referred to as “the greatest handgun cartridge never known” because of the massive amounts of energy that the round is able to transfer to a target upon impact. Transferred energy is directly related to so-called “stopping power” and the 10mm, properly loaded, is rated just below the .44 Magnum where stopping power is concerned.

This massive amount of kinetic energy is mostly due to the speed at which the 10mm round travels. Full-load rounds such as Buffalo Bore 10mm ammo can consistently shoot at 1,350 fps at 25 yards. The speed of sound for a 10mm cartridge at sea level is 1120.27 fps and the round does not fall below that level unit around 136 yards. This means that the round is traveling faster than the speed of sound for a significantly longer distance than the effective range at which a target would be engaged.

As the 10mm is known to develop a lot of recoil when fired, the round is not favored by either police or military forces in the United States. For this reason more than any other, the 10mm is not a very popular round and the ammunition is usually on the expensive side. The Glock 20 service pistol is made primarily to meet the needs of a few European law enforcement agencies. There is also a dedicated group of 10mm enthusiasts who flock to the G20 because of its quality and reliability in addition to the fact that there are few other choices currently available.

The Glock 20 has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. If an initial extra round is carried in the chamber that brings the total load out of the gun to 16 rounds of 10mm ammo. With an average of about 700 ft/lbs of energy being transferred to the target at 25 yards means that the G20 service pistol carries about 11,200 ft/lbs of stopping power when fully loaded. It is this impressive figure that makes the Glock 20 a serious contender for the title of “most powerful handgun in the world”.

All other features of this Glock service pistol remain in common with the others in the lineup. While the physical size of the gun is slightly larger to accommodate the longer cartridge, the Glock safety systems, sights, finish, grip texture, and maintenance methods remain the same.

Reviews of the Glock G20 service pistol can be found below. If you have one of these pistols yourself, please share you own insights with others here by writing a review of your own. Of specific interest to others will probably be related to how well the gun stands up to extended use and how well one can adapt to shooting the more powerful 10mm cartridge.