The “Baby” Glock 26 is one of the most popular sub-compact pistols on the market today. It's incredibly small size combined with a still healthy magazine capacity means that good things do come in small packages.

At only 6.29 inches in total length and 4.17 in height, this gun is easily concealed in an IWB holster, shoulder holster, or even an ankle holster. Some are even know to drop the gun into the pocket of a loose pair of jogging shorts, although doing so without some type of pocket holster may not be the best idea.

The G26 is, in essence, a shrunken Glock 17. Sizing down a full size service pistol so radically while maintaining full and reliable function is a lot more difficult than cutting down the the muzzle and grip of the gun. While a few additional modification have been made to the Glock 26 in the conversion process, the majority of the elements found on the full size version of the pistol remain intact on this gun.

At the foundational level, you have a forged steel slide and barrel matched to a polymer frame which houses a metal sub-frame. The standard magazine holds 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition. To achieve this the magazine is double-stacked which necessarily causes the pistol to be a bit wider than it would have been had a single-stack layout been chosen by designers.

The standard magazine sits flush with the bottom of the pistol grip and really provides relatively little grip for the shooter. Many feel that this grip is not sufficient for combat shooting and choose to upgrade their standard magazine to one of the optional 12, 15, 17, 19, or even 33 round varieties which provide a better purchase for the hand when firing.

All of the other traditional Glock elements are retained on the G26 sub-compact pistol. The combat sights are of the 3-dot variety, it has the multiple integrated safety systems, the easily reversible magazine release, squared off trigger guard, integrated accessory rail, and striker based single-action.

Reviews for the Glock G26 sub-compact pistol are found below. If you have had the opportunity to carry and shoot one of these guns in the past, please share you insight on the gun's performance and value below as it is greatly appreciated by others who are considering a purchase of this gun themselves.