It is feasible to make the claim that the 1911 pistol is the most famous handgun of all time and the GI is a near perfect clone of the original version of the gun issued to troops during World War II.

The full size government model of this pistol is about as classic in every respect as a 1911 can be. No three-hole trigger, no beavertail grip safety, no skeletonized hammer. No lowered and flared ejection port, no front slide serrations. Instead of three dot sights, we have original basic military sights. Instead of an ambidextrous safety, it had a safety for right handed shooters only.

At heart, though, the GI is everything a 1911 pistol is suppose to be. A forged steel frame is a matched to a 5” steel barrel and forged slide. It also sports an arched mainspring housing and double-diamond checkered wooden grips stamped “U.S.” as well as an original GI recoil system. No wrench is needed to remove the guide rod on this pistol.

True to the original, the 1911 GI loads with standard military 7-round single-stack magazines. Of course, for those looking for a little more capacity, this pistol will accept the popular 8 round performance magazines as well.

Only two finishes are available for this pistol: parkerized and stainless steel. Regardless of which finish is chosen, the barrel also receives a matching treatment with the end result being that the chamber which peeks through the ejection port is always matches up to the rest of the gun flawlessly.

Springfield Armory 1911 GI Pistol Review

Springfield Armory 1911 GI Pistol

As is typical of most Springfield Armory guns, some of the GI pistols are made in the United States while the majority of them are fashioned in Brazil.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory 1911 GI can be found below. Reviews for the parkerized and stainless versions of this pistol are both to be included here, but the Champion sized GI Compact Pistol, GI Micro sub-compact 1911, and the double-stack magazine Hi-Cap 1911 have their own review sets and should be kept separate.

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