The Hideout IWB holster is a non conventional design by Alessi Holsters that meets the needs of a very specific shooter.

Those who carry a gun while driving all day know that positioning the gun so that it can be effectively reached while still remaining comfortable is a difficult order to fill. If you have to get in and out of the vehicle a lot, that makes it even more tricky because it's usually unwise to be constantly transferring your gun from a seat holster into your IWB holster and back again every time you enter or exit the car.

One choice would be to go with a shoulder holster like the Alessi Bodyguard, but often that comes with its own unique set of problems. The Hideout is the solution that the folks over at Alessi Holsters came up with to address the issue.

The Hideout rides high, which isn't typical for most IWB holsters. This aids in positioning the grip of the pistol high so that it can be easily reached while driving. When exiting the vehicle the holster falls into a more traditional high carry.

As for comfort, this IWB holster also features a wide hip pad to distribute the weight of the gun across the body better than most traditional inside-the-waistband designs.

This is the only IWB holster made by Alessi that features an integrated retention strap. Lou was fond of pull through straps for simplicity's sake and so you find one here as well.

This holsters is available for most pistols and revolvers. As each is custom-made, both right handed and left handed variants are available. The only available colors are black and brown.

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