The Taurus Judge stands as a gun that started a revolver revolution. When first introduced, the ability to fire either .45 Colt or .410 shotgun shell ammunition was seen as a unique and exciting development. Here was a gun that could span the gulf between the revolver and the shotgun for both self defense and hunting purposes.

The Judge received it's moniker because the company discovered that a number of judicial magistrates began carrying the while sitting on the bench "just in case" something went wrong and a situation got out of hand in the court room. How much truth there is to this claim is suspect, but it does make for a great myth and an even better nickname.

While there are more than 11 models made in Taurus' Judge lineup. The standard configuration, which is being reviewed here, is a steel frame gun which has a 3" barrel matched to the standard 2.5" chamber. The gun is double-action and features a hammer with a full spur so that the gun can be cocked for a single-action shot.

Color choices include a stainless steel, black, or blued finish. Standard Judge revolvers do NOT feature crimson trace grips, titanium cylinders, or polymer frames.

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