The full-size Springfield Armory Loaded 1911 in their Black Stainless steel finish is considered by many to be one of the most visually stimulating .45's available. Two major variants of the gun are offered and both are included in this review set. The first comes with low-profile combat sights and the second ships from the factory with target sights.

Both Black Stainless 1911 pistols include all of the traditional upgrades that each “Loaded” model traditionally comes with. Performance upgrades include a match grade forged5” barrel, cross drilled 3-hole aluminum match grade trigger adjusted at the factory to break when 5 to 6 pounds of pressure is applied, a two piece full length guide rod, polished feed ramp, beaver tail grip safety, front and rear slide serrations, enlarged and flared ejection port, and a skeletonized hammer. The combat sights on the PX9154LP model are of the upgraded 3-dot variety and the target sights on the PX9152LP are fully adjustable. Grips on the target version are made of a high-tech composite with a Springfield Armory G10 pattern while the combat model features double-diamond Pearce grips.

The gun ships with two mil-spec 7-round magazines and is listed as having the traditional 7-round capacity that is typical of government size 1911 pistols but the gun easily handles more popular 8-round magazines such as the Chip McCormick PowerMag and the Wilson Combat 47D magazine.

Both the slide and frame are made from forged stainless steel which is covered in a proprietary matte black coating. The flat surfaces on both sides of the slide and frame are then polished smooth to reveal the bright stainless steel surface underneath for vibrant visual effect.

Safety features include all of the original systems that John Browning integrated into the 1911 pistol when it was first produced over 100 years ago. These include a grip safety which prevents the trigger from being pulled without a firm grip being placed on the pistol, an internal half cock safety, and an external manual thumb safety which is ambidextrous on the target model of the pistol.

Additional safety elements that Springfield Armory has added include a visual notch added to the chamber which allows for a visual inspect the gun to see if it is loaded or not. The Springfield Armory ILS key activated gun lock is added to a majority of the guns shipped and allows the gun to comply with laws in states such as Maryland.

Springfield Armory Black Stainless 1911 Pistol Reviews

Springfield Armory Black Stainless 1911 Pistol

These guns include the well-heralded Springfield Armory lifetime warranty. If you have any problems with the gun, simply ship it to the company and they will correct the issue with no cost to you other than the shipping.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory Black Stainless Loaded 1911 pistol can be found below. Feel free to include reviews for both the target and combat versions of the gun. Currently, only a 5" version of the gun which is chambered in .45 ACP is produced but if a new edition becomes available it will get its own reviews set so please include only the traditional government sized version reviews here.

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