For many years the Springfield Armory Ultra Compact with its 3.5” barrel was sufficient to meet the needs of the carrying public who wanted a small 1911 pistols which could be concealed in nearly every situation regardless of what you were wearing. Over time, however, the race to produce small and smaller guns created the environment which would eventually lead to the introduction of the EMP. In the meantime, Springfield Armory developed the Loaded Micro Compact.

The barrel of the gun shrunk down from 3.5” to 3” even. The gun retained the bull barrel and the front of the slide received Springfield's “Extreme Bevel” treatment which shaved off all of the characteristic rough edges which might hinder reholstering in a tense situation.

Advances in technology allowed Springfield Armory to upgraded the Loaded Micro Compact 1911 pistol to a forged aluminum alloy frame which was significantly lighter than the stainless steel frame of the Ultra Compact. The new developments in aluminum alloy production allowed the final product to be lighter but avoided the prevalent reliability problems which typically plague small-frame guns when firing large caliber ammunition such as the .45 ACP.

Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact Gallery

Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact Gallery

As with all “Loaded” 1911 pistols, the Springfield Armory Micro Compact gets a match-grade crossdrilled trigger, fully supported match-grade barrel, High Hand beavertail grip safety, Delta hammer, ambidextrous thumb safety, lowered and flared ejection port, and a dual-spring full length guide rod.

Being a premium pistol, all Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact guns (Model #: PX9801LP) come with upgraded Tritium 3-dot night sights. They are low profile combat style sights and are made to offer as little drag as possible when drawing the gun for presentation.

Only a Bi-Tone finish is offered for this gun with the forged slide and barrel being made of stainless steel and the aluminum frame receiving a black anodized hardcoat. The Micro Compact is finished out with Cocobolo hardwood grips which sport both a double-diamond design as well as the Springfield Armory log engraved in the center. The gun ships from the factory with two 6 round magazines.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory Loaded Micro Compact 1911 pistol can be found below. Please write a review of your own if your have used this gun in the past and share the good, the bad, and the ugly about its overall performance and value. Be sure to include your review in the right place as the Loaded Micro Compact Operator, Loaded Ultra Compact, G.I. Micro Compact, and both the EMP-9 and EMP-40 are similar in appearance but have their own independent review sets. If you wish to have a picture of your personal rendition of this pistol, please email it to and we'll include it in the Loaded Micro Compact Photo Gallery.

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