While there has always been a demand in law enforcement circles for small, sub-compact pistols which can serve as a backup gun, more and more civilians getting state issued permits to carry concealed weapons has fueled consumer demand for guns such as the Springfield Armoy Ultra Compact Loaded 1911 pistol.

Smaller sized 1911 pistols have their own unique set of obstacles which gun manufacturers have to overcome. These include what do do with the barrel bushing when space is an issue, the difficulty of getting the traditional single action of the original 1911 to work reliably given shorter slide and barrel in concert with the not-so-short .45 ACP cartridge, and the ever-present argument of magazine capacity.

While the point can be made that small guns like the Loaded Ultra Compact can benefit from a double-stacked magazine such as is found in the Para Ordinance Warthog, the thin profile of the 1911 pistol (one of it’s key selling points) is lost when the grip is necessarily widened to accept the thicker magazines. The Springfield Armory Company, having extensive knowledge of the mindset and purchasing patterns of 1911 pistol owners, made the decision to make a small gun such as this which retains the single-stack magazine, even though it only has a 6-shot capacity. Most shooters who will carry this gun will chamber the gun and then add an additional round to the magazine and end up carrying it with 7 rounds total.

Armed with this knowledge and the company’s legendary expertise in manufacturing 1911 pistols, Springfield Armory offers the Ultra Compact in a loaded configuration complete with the upgraded High-Hand beavertail grip safety, match grade cross drilled aluminum trigger, skeletonized hammer, combat sights, and a standard ambidextrous safety. Newer Ultra Compact pistols get double-diamond Cocobolo hardwood grips with the Springfield Armory logo center mass but a number have been produced with wrap around rubberized grips in the past.

Springfield Armory Loaded Ultra Compact Pistol Reviews

Springfield Armory Loaded Ultra Compact 1911 Pistol

Both the slide and frame of the gun are tooled from forged carbon steel and the only available finish that Springfield Armory makes available on the Loaded Ultra Compact is in satin stainless steel. The pistol comes without the barrel busing which was integral to the original John Browning design and is instead fitted with a bull barrel as is common with most sub-compact 1911 pistols. This necessitates an upgrade to the recoil spring system as well and the Springfield Armory Loaded Ultra Compact has been fitted with a dual-spring system complete with a full-length guide rod.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory Loaded Ultra Compact sub-compact pistol can be found below. Please write a review of your own if you’ve had the opportunity to use this gun in the past, but be sure that you place your review in the right location as the Loaded Micro-Compact, Micro Compact Operator, and GI Micro Compact all closely resemble this gun but have their own separate review sets. Don’t forget to email us a picture of your pistol at pictures@gunreviewspot.com and we’ll be sure to add them to the Ultra Compact photo gallery so everyone can appreciate it.

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