When the United States Marine Corps sends its special forces troops into the field, they are often attached to a M.E.U.S.O.C. (Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable) and M.E.U.S.O.C. Marines are never satisfied with a “normal” gun such a the M9 service pistol. Instead, they issue a purchase order to the public with specifications on exactly what type of gun they want. The result is the Springfield Armory MC Operator 1911 pistol.

The MC Operator is similar to other members of the Springfield Armory “Loaded” family of 1911 pistols and so it gets the lowered and flared ejection port, the beavertail grip safety, the skeletonized hammer, the cross drilled trigger. But it also comes equipped with Marine Corps specific components including the integral accessory rail, a corrosion resistant finish on both the slide and frame, match grade barrel and bushing, fixed combat sights, front and rear slide serrations, and rubberized Pachmayr wraparound grips.

Unlike other Springfield Armory “Loaded” pistols, the gun features an original-style G.I. guide rod. This makes sense as you can't imagine the Marines carrying an allen wrench everywhere they carry the gun just so they can field-strip it for cleaning.

The MC Operator is a heavy-duty gun with the slide, barrel, and frame all being made from forged carbon steel. The military required that a low reflective, durable finish be applied to both the slide and frame so Springfield Armory treats both with their own Armory Kote, the lower receiver getting an olive drab hue and the slide simple black. The stainless steel barrel receives no additional coating.

Springfield Armory MC Operator 1911 Reviews

Springfield Armory MC Operator 1911 Pistol

The MC Operator is listed as accepting the standard 7-shot 1911 magazines, but if you think that the Marines in a just-shipped M.E.U.S.O.C. don't upgrade to 8 or 10 round magazines...well then you just don't know Marines very well.

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