The growing popularity of super-small autos like the KelTec P3AT, Kahr P380, and the Ruger LCP, soon required the designers at Crossbreed holsters to return to the drawing board to forge a new IWB holster that can meet the specific needs of the shooter who utilizes one of these guns.

The world famous SuperTuck Deluxe, while great at what it does, has a large footprint and is not particularly suited to carrying a gun that is smaller than a computer mouse. All of the best features that are found on the larger Crossbreed IWB holsters can be identified in the MicroClip, but in a substantially smaller package.

The MicroClip holster platform is only made to support the family of small auto pistols similar to those listed above. Largest guns will need a larger holster to be carried effectively. Those who have guns with larger frame sizes should consider the SuperTuck, MiniTuck, and QuickClip IWB holsters if they are looking for a product in the Crossbreed lineup.

These holsters are fashioned for both right handed and left handed shooters. Made from a hybrid matchup of kydex and leather. Available colors include Black-on-Black Leather and Black-on-Tan Leather. This IWB holster is not made for revolvers.

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