The Millennium Pro 111is a full-featured 9mm sub-compact pistol that has everything needed to get the job done. This gun is perfect for people who like to carry a small gun but want a traditional modern trigger setup instead of double-action-only.

The Millennium Pro combines a polymer frame with a satin stainless steel slide and barrel. Overall length for the gun is only a hair over 6” and it weights in at 18.7 ounces.

Grips on all Millennium Pro sub-compact pistols feature an ergonomic, no slip design. The grip extension integrated into the 10 round magazines provide enough control over the gun that multiple shots can effectively be placed on target.

As with all Millennium Pro designs, the 9mm sub-compact features three integral safety systems. These include a manual thumb safety, an internal firing pin block safety, and a trigger block safety. The gun also sports a loaded chamber indicator.

These guns also feature Heinie Straight Eight sights, advanced finger indexing Memory Pad, and enhanced slide serrations for an effective grip when loading or clearing the chamber.

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