Over the years we've seen that most shooting experts deny that the .380 Auto is a viable self-defense round regardless of the fact that it is matched to some of of the smaller, and most concealable pistols available. The advent of .380 +P ammo and the high quality guns that can fire it has changed that perfection. New pistols such as the Ruger LCP and Kel-Tec P3AT are becoming popular and the MiniTuck IWB holster is the first holster specifically designed to work with these new platforms.

The MiniTuck is downsized clone of Crossbreed's SuperTuck Deluxe which features a number of minor modifications that server a very specific purpose.

Still made from a combination of a deep molded kydex holster shell matched to a flexible leather backing, the MiniTuck IWB holster looks virtually identical to its big brother. The size of the holster is obviously noticeably smaller. This is important because the micro-pistol shooter has bought such a gun most likely because they are extremely concerned with comfort and concealment. They believe that the chances needing to shoot someone in their lifetime is extremely slim, but a viable enough scenario that a gun still needs to be carried. These shooters typically are not concerned with having to take down drug-induced psycho killers, do not carry spare magazines, and secretly hope that the presentation of a gun of any type in a confrontation scenario will neutralize the situation.

That being the case, the CCW shooter who carries a LCP as a primary weapon will be looking to minimize the impact of doing so as much as possible. The MiniTuck IWB holster has been specifically engineered to meet this need.

Additionally, it is well known that small pistols such as this are very attractive to women who will constitute a large portion of purchases. Crossbreed's MiniTuck features a proper curve integrated into the bottom edge of the leather backing that matches up well to the curve of the female hip and allows the holster to sit properly without the top half of the holster burring the grip of the pistol into the wearer's side.

This IWB holster is only available in the Crossbreed trademark black kydex on tan leather. Each of these holsters is custom made to order and can be requested in either right or left handed variations.

Reviews of the Crossbreed MiniTuck IWB holster are found below. Please write your own review if you've used this holster in the past so that others in the shooting community can make an informed decision on whether to purchase this product or not.