The Bobcat Model 21 is Beretta's older pocket pistol. The gun is almost exactly the same as the Tomcat in form and function with the significant difference being in that it is chambered for either the .22LR or .25 Auto. This review set is for the .22LR version of the pistol.

The Beretta's Bobcat functions as a double-action-only gun which is streamlined to provide a snag-free presentation on the target when drawn from the pocket. The gun weighs in at just 11.5 ounces and is less than 5” in overall length. Regardless of its small size, the gun is known to handle well as Beretta engineers have done a good job in matching both the frame and barrel to the specified cartridges. This pocket pistol is known to provide good accuracy at close range and its reliability is above average as well.

All Bobcat pistols feature a tip-up barrel which allows the gun to be both loaded and cleared without any attention given to the slide. This is a major advantage to some shooters who tend to prefer revolvers for the simple fact that racking a slide proves difficult for them. The Bobcat pocket pistol features internal safety systems as well as an external thumb safety.

The Model 21 Bobcat comes in two finishes. The most common setup is a black steel slide matched to a black anodized aluminum frame. A second “Inox” version trims the slide in bright stainless steel complementing a bright aluminum frame.

Below you'll find all available reviews for the Beretta Bobcat pocket pistol in .22 Long Rifle. Please write a review of your own if you've had the chance to use this gun in the past so your experience can benefit others in the worldwide shooting community. The .25 Auto Bobcat has its own review set so please be sure to submit your review in the proper place.