The Smith & Wesson Model 442 is an airweight J-Frame pocket revolver rated to carry .38 Special +P ammo. Most who buy one of these pro series guns fall into one of three categories: law enforcement officers looking for a backup gun, civilians who are looking to carry a pocket revolver, and those looking to have a gun for home defense which is easily hidden away.

The gun is built on an aluminum alloy frame which is then matched to a stainless steel cylinder. The gun holds 5 rounds of .38 Special ammunition. The cylinder is cut to accomidate moon clips for those who like fast loading but they are not required.

A matte black finish is treated to the entire gun the grip of which is wrapped in a synthetic rubber grip. The front sight of the pocket revolver is integrated with the barrel and the rear sites are fixed. The gun's hammer is held internally and controled by the double action only trigger.

As is common with all Smith & Wesson revovlers, the Model 442 is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime service policy.

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