Smith & Wesson's large-frame Model 629 Classic is a high-powered revolver chambered for the venerable .44 Magnum cartridge. These guns feature a full-length barrel underlug and always come in a stainless steel finish which, together, serve to differentiate it from the closely related Model 29.

Not only can the Model 629 Classic revolver's 6-round cylinder fire the .44 Mangun, but it is also able to work with Smith & Wesson's own .44 S&W Special. This gives the gun a similar capacity of shooting rounds with less recoil in similar fashion as most .357 Magnum revolvers. While recoil may drop when using .44 S&W Special cartridges, pocketbook savings are not comparable to firing .38 Special ammo as it is not as widely produced and thus comes with fewer economy-of-scale saving benefits.

The Model 629 has a standard Single-Action/Double-Action trigger setup, sports an adjustable white outline rear sight combined with an integrated front blade sight with red ramp insert, synthetic combat grips, and a 5" forged stainless steel barrel.

In the tradition of high-powered revolvers, the Model 629 a rather heavy gun tipping the scales at a full 44.3 ounces when empty. The reinforced frame is known for handling countless rounds of .44 Magnum without flaw or breakage. This quality does not come without a price as the MSRP of these guns rings up in excess of $1,000.

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