The Taurus Model 65 service revolver is a mainstay in the company's .357 Magnum lineup. Many will attest that the all-steel construction of this medium frame gun has been put through the paces over the years and has come out shinning in the end.

The Model 65 has all the elements present in a traditional service revolver; a 4" barrel, 6-shot capactiy cylinder, single-action/double-action trigger setup, rubberized combat grips, and fixed sights.

For reinforcement this revolver sports a barrel underlug that runs the length of most of the barrel but is beveled at the end fo facilitate easier reholstering of the gun. To prevent the gun from firing if dropped an integrated transfer bar safety is built into the Model 65.

As mentioned before, these service revolvers are capable of holding 6 ronds of .357 Magnum ammunition which can, of course, be swapped out with .38 Special ammo as well. Taurus also produces the Model 82 which is chambered only in .38 Special but is reviewed elsewhere.

Model 65 revolvers come in either a stainless steel or dark blued finish. Both front and rear sights are integrated and fixed into the body of the handgun. As is true with all Taurus guns, the Model 65 comes with a lifetime repair warranty to give every buyer peace of mind.

Reviews of the Taurus Model 65 service revolver are found below. Feel free to include reviews of both the stainless steel and blued models but lets be sure to stick with true .357 Magnum guns. If you want to review the .38 Special variant of this gun, visit the Model 82 page.