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Just tried out my 4" Model 65 today. I was a little leery about the lack of adjustable rear sights. I had a Taurus fixed sight .44 special years ago and it didn't shoot to point of aim. This one does! I shot the heart out of the sillohuete target at 20 yds. Shoots ever so slightly to the left, the farther out you go. After a while, you forget that it doesn't have target sights. The front post fills the grooved sights nicely. Trigger pull is smooth and light. .38 specials are a dream to shoot, but it handles factory magnums very well. Just a joy to shoot. After putting 400 rounds through it at paper targets, I found that I had one .38 special remaining (158 grain FMJ Flat Nose). So just for the hell of it, I took aim at 12" metal ram 100 yds away. I put the front sight slightly at the right hand border of the ram and squeezed the round off. Ping! Great way to end the session. I think this may end up my favorite. Rugged service revolver with more than acceptable accuracy. At half the pri...[Read More]



I looked at both the Ruger GP100 and the Taurus 65. The only real difference between them is that the fit and finish on the Ruger is a little better, has adjustable sights and it feels a bit more hefty. In CA I bought the Taurus for 399 instead of the GP at 599 (the S&W was 899) IMHO the ruger was quite nice but NOT worth the extra cash. I also like that the Taurus was a matte SS finish (kess shine and less fingermarks) The one and only thing so gar that I kind of dont like on the taurus us the barrel protrusion inside the wheel housing. The Ruger does this better IMO. That all said... I would bang the taurus around much more that a ruger or S&W It's a "working" gun not a "shelf sitter" You wouldnt wanna bang up your 1000.00 S&W as much as a 399 Taurus.. Not to mention there is no fear of your sights getting smacked out of whack.. Taurus is an excellent buy..



I just bought the Taurus model 65 I'm waiting for my 10 days that California requires. I took a look at it and felt it in my hands what tease. I know when I take it to the range it's going to perform like a champ that it is, looks like a beast very intimidating the .357 magnum is known as "THE MAN AND BEAST STOPPER". From all that I read about the Taurus 65 I know I made the right choice when picking this beauty out f the line up.



New owner, shot with it once, can't miss with the 4in barrel from approx 60ft. Thing is built like a battleship and has a great presence in your grip. Not thinking it will conceal well, perhaps a shoulder holster. The price was great and I think this home security system will last me the rest of my natural life.



I have owened many Taurus revolvers over a many year period. I currently own a Model 65 for home defense. It is stainless with fixed sights. I find the 4" barrel to be the best length for this purpose. Because it is a revolver I can load it and put it in a drawer and have no fear that when needed it will always go BOOM. I have never had a problem with a Taurus revolvers...

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