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have a 686 no dash 4 inch wood grips, has always performed as have all my smiths, a great second choice for me, my primary carry defense choice is my model 28-2 with 4 inch barrel like the extra weight for better control.



The 686-0 and -1 did lock up S&W recalled them for a ne Hammer nose and Bushing. I just had my 686 no dash completed.




Never hear of a revolver jamming. Maybe you should get some edjumication. Love mine,ain't jammend yet.



I could not be happier with this gun highly recommended weapon had never jammed on me yet.



I got a used 686/6" 357 several months ago, as an earlier version I found the wooden grips quite painful after 20-30 rounds. Once fitted with a Hogue rubber grip set it was very nice! No problem hitting a grapefruit at 50 feet. As a rather well used shooter it is still tight, square and reliable. A keeper, for sure!



I have owned my 686-3 4" barrel since 1991. Purchased it new in 1991. I have not been disappointed. It shoots accurately and is still as tight as it was in 1991. This one is my pride and joy where revolvers are concerned. I have bought, sold, and traded many others; this one is here to stay!!!



I have owned a Smith & Wesson 686P 2.5", 3", 4" and 6". I currently have a 4" and 6". In my opinion, the 686P is the finest all round revolver you can buy. I use my 6" with a red dot mounted to shoot competitively at my club. I use the 4" for recreational shooting. I sold the 2.5" and 3" because they were too short for target shooting and too heavy for carry. The 686 in any barrel length is durable, accurate, dependable and a great looking gun to boot. I usually shoot .38 special for all of my target and recreationsl shooting. I use .38 plus P hollowpoints for home defense and for the rare occasions I carry when I'm alone in the woods. Everyone who enjoys shooting a revolver should definitely have a 686 in their gun safe.



the 686 smith and wesson is a must have for any legal gun owner,its power and control in the .357 is matched only by a long gun for you can shoot 38spl,.357 in a few different grains depending on your skill. the 686 is stainless steel and heavy to take a pounding from any 38 or 357 factory load you put down the tube.

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