At only 9 ounces, the Taurus Titanium TCP pocket pistol is the lightest gun made by the company. These pistols take the path of combining a polymer frame matched to a titanium alloy slide and forged steel barrel.

Some will say that the gun comes packed with concerns because it's chambered in .380 AUTO but the standard counter argument that a small gun that is carried is better than a large one left at home would still apply.

As the gun is short and the barrel length comes in short of 3", the Titanium TCP can be slipped into a pocket holster for primary carry or used in conjunction with an ankle holster as a backup gun.

These pistols are Double-Action-Only and feature no external safety. All mechanisms to prevent the gun from firing unintentionally are internal in nature. The TCP features an internal locking mechanism that prevents the gun from being fired unless unlocked and makes the guns compliant with more stringent laws such as those found in California and Maryland.

Cleaning is considered to be as easy as other modern pistols as the gun field strips into 5 basic components compried of the frame, barrel, slide, recoil spring, and take-down pin. Standard gun cleaning solvents which work well with other plastic framed pistols should be find with the TCP as well.

Magazine capactiy of for the Taurus TCP pocket pistol is 6 plus an additional round in the chamber. Front and rear sights are fixed.