The most popular pocket revolver in the Taurus lineup, the company's Model 85 is an inexpensive .38 which has continued to sell well to the concealed carry community over the years. The gun works well for ankle carry as it does for pocket carry and with over a dozen color and component configurations to choose from, there seems to be an 85 for everyone.

These revolvers are chambered for the .38 Special cartridge and the majority of them are rated to fire +P ammo as well. The guns have Single-Action/Double-Action trigger systems and a more traditional hammer.

The company produces the Model 85 in a whole host of cosmetic configurations. Black, blue, bright stainless, matte stainless, finishes can all be found for these revolvers. Rubber combat grips are the norm for this line but both wood and even pearl grips are available as well. Gold accent models are currently being produced with all the functionality of the more traditional looking pocket revolvers.

As small as it is, this gun features a 5-shot capacity cylinder. Each Model 85 features a transfer bar safety to prevent the gun from accidentially firing if dropped. Both sights are fixed. The front site is a traditional blade-style sight mated to the 2" barrel while the rear is a notch-style integrated into the rear of the frame.

Reviews for the standard steel frame Taurus Model 85 pocket revolvers are found below. Model 85 revolvers of various colors should be reviewed here but the Model 85 Ultra-Lite, Model 85 Titanium models have their own review sets so please only include reviews of your gun here if it has the steel frame.