The Model 85 Ultra-Lite takes all of the features of the original and, by cutting down on weight, makes it even easier to carry.

A major difference that separates this gun from it's weightier brethren is that it utilizes an aluminum Ultra-Lite frame. Regardless of this fact the gun is still rated to carry .38 Special +P ammo all day.

This pocket revolver keep the 2" barrel, 5 round capactiy, rubber combat grips, fixed sights, transfer bar safety, and double-action/single-action trigger. The only thing that is missing on this gun is the additional 5.5 ounces.

These guns work even better for ankle carry as a backup gun but can be utilized as a primary defense weapon when concealed in a pocket holster as well.

Color choices include satin stainless and deep blued finishes. These guns have the chamber release on the left side so they are not true ambidextrous revovlers.

Reviews of the Taurus Model 85 Ultra-Lite pocket revolver are found below. The standard steel model as well as thetitanium alloy versions are not to be reviewed here as the have their own review sets. If you do have an Ultra-Lite version however, please write a review of your own here. Whether yours is stainless or blued, traditional grips or pearl handled, doesn't matter.