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I can never understand why these pistols are called reliable.  I have shot dozens of different 9mm pistols as a 30 year gun collector and 25 year Army veteran, and this was the absolute least reliable - mainly due to its open slide.  Go with S&W, Sig, Glock, Ruger, or CZ...not with this one.



When you add a "D" spring The 92 is the best service 9mm out their matched only by the Sig p226.



The 92 family brought on what would later become known as the ”wonder 9’s” (high capacity 9mm). Beretta brought to the 92 to the table in 1975. In 1985 the US Army selected it as their primary hand gun and remains so to this day; other agencies and Law enforcement have also selected the 92 family. The 92 gets a bad rap for being heavy and big. If you place a Glock 17 next to a 92 you will find the 92 is about one inch longer than the G17, the same is true for most full size guns as well. As for weight the 92 set the standard for full sized hand gun weight reduction by using aircraft aluminum and open receiver. The 92fs is 34 ounces when compared to my subcompact hand gun at 26 ounces it’s just not that noticeable. Also I think you will find the balance on a 92 second to none. So can you conceal a 92fs, yes, just as well as any full size hand gun? Important words “Full sized”. As for design it’s hard to find a move even today that doesn’t have a 92fs in it. The design looks as fresh tod...[Read More]



I purchased a used Italian made Beretta 92FS. It is a very well made pistol, easy to take apart and clean, and 9mm are fairly cheap to shoot. I find the grips a little large for the size of my hands, and the gun is a little heavy for concealed carry in my opinion. Over then that it is a very finely made side arm.



I own the 92fs and an m9a1, I used each as daily carry for years. They are highly concealable when you use the proper holster. I personally found small of the back to work best for me. I've put thousands of rounds through both, with few if any issues. They are both incredibly accurate pistols, with fairly light recoil. I run 18 round flush fit, and 20 round semi flush magazines in mine, excellent capacity for only nominal weight gain.

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