The M&P is Smith & Wessons line of polymer frame pistols. They come chambered for a number of different calibers but this review set focuses on the .357 SIG service pistols.

The M&P357 is a full-size pistol which is designed with superior ergonomics in mind. While the gun's name implies that it has a place with both police and military forces, it has migrated more to the law enforcement side of the tracks. This is due in part to the fact that almost every M&P service pistol can be ordered with or without an external thumb safety. Some police departments have regulations requiring all guns carried by officers to feature such a safety which of course screens out Glocks, XDs, and other guns that only offer a trigger-safety.

These guns carry a full 15 rounds of .357 SIG ammo. The .357 SIG considered by many to be the ultimate carry round due to it's overall velocity and expansion characteristics which allowed it to be adopted as the round of choice for the United States Secret Service.

Standard features include a 4.25" barrel, 3 interchangeable palmswell grips, white dot front sight and low-profile rear sights, and ambidextrous controls. A rail attachment point for a laser sight or flashlight is also standard issue. The gun features a black plastic frame mated to a steel slide which gets a hardened black Melonite finish.

Variants of the gun are produced to meet California and Maryland safety standards, but most guns are not shipped with these extra elements which most shooters feel go mostly unused and offer little in the way of additional safety value.

Reviews of the Smith & Wesson M&P .357 service pistol are found below with the newest reviews available further down the page. Please leave a review of your own if you've had a chance to use this gun in the past. Both the models equipped with and without the external thumb safety are to be reviewed here as long as they are full size models.