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bought a m&p 40 about 2 weeks ago. i've shot 150 rounds thru it with absolutely no malfunctions. this gun is very accurate and just plain smooth. it's a joy to shoot. traded in a GLOCK and glad i did.



On a scale of 1-5, I rate the M&P 40 as such: -Reliability: 5 I've fired over 1500 rounds through mine without a single malfunction. Even used a few boxes of steel cased. -Accuracy: 5 Wow. When I do my part, this gun is amazingly accurate. Raged hole at 15 yards. -Durability: 5 Had it for two years now, little sign of wear. -Concealability: 3 This is a full-sized handgun. It's light and very thin for its size, which helps. I carry it no problem, but it may be too big for some people. -Ergonomics: 5 The M&P series is well known for its ergonomics. Fits the hand beautifully, with interchangeable back straps. Has that 1911 grip angle that most prefer, as opposed to the goofy wide angle grip on other pistols like glocks. Its also very balanced weight wise, not top heavy like some polymer pistols can to be. -Recoil: 4 Recoil is damn fine with this pistol. It is a polymer framed weapon so it wont tame the recoil like a heavier steel framed weapon. But the M&Ps slide rests on a st...[Read More]



This pistol is outstanding. I bought one recently and have put about 200 rounds through it with no failures. It's a little big but I haven't had any problems carrying it. The trigger pull is smooth and the gun shoots very accurately. The only thing I would do different if I could buy it again is get the one with night sights.

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