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I have the Glock 23, XD 45 Compact, & the M&P 9mm Compact. I love the way it feels in the hands, no problems with it. only thing I don't like is the reset. It does not make a loud "click" nor can you feel it for follow up shots as compared to the other two I mention. However, lite & easy to conceal. I give it 5 stars all around.



About two years ago i bought an almost new S&W Sigma 9 from a friend of mine for $200 (ANY working semi auto is worth $200, right?). After dumping 4 magazines through it with two jams and a failure to group anything tighter than 11" i literally threw it un-holstered into a kitchen drawer and thought, "well, if i am making some ice cream when the Marauders show up, better to have something to shoot with in every room..." Needless to say, My future with S&W semi autos was sketchy at best after that. When another friend of mine was bragging on his M&P9 i thought he'd lost his marbles... Totally my bad. After shooting his (for longer than he wanted i'm sure) i was hooked. Had my own within 4 days. Far and away, the absolute BEST pistol in my arsenal.... Period!! Superior in every way to every other tactical pistol I've ever laid my eyes or hands on... FLAWLESS!!!!!!!




Just picked one up with the thumb safety. Ergomomics are great even with my big paws. My wife has a XDm and this was this first striker fired gun I've shot and I liked it a lot but I like the M&P so much more. I like the way the trigger on the M&P stacks up before breaking which for me makes rappid fire shot easier and quicker without the occasional shot breaking sooner than expexted like I have had with the XDm. Very accurate and easy to shoot but like others have reported mine seems to shoot a bit low. Only got a hundred rounds of Wolf down range so far and havent had any failures yet. Very happy with it so far and the M&P might just replace the 1911 has my favorite pistol. I see a M&P 45 in my future.



First Smith&Wesson and I love it . Reliable and very easy shoot will definetly buy more s&w in future. So buy one can't go wrong with it.



I have always been a fan of the Colt 1911 and purchased my first in 1980. Bought a second 1911 not to long ago and have begun to enjoy the range shooting and classes at my local gun range again. I never thought I'd ever purchase a Smith again until I heard about the M&P9 Pro. I've put a couple hundred rounds through it and it's flawless. My wife's a lefty and it's nice to have the capabilities of setting it up for her. Thank you Smith and Wesson! MADE IN AMERICA Much cheaper to shoot than my 45's and it breaks down for cleaning very easily.



I just purchased the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Flat Dark Earth Carry and Range Kit through Cabellas and thought the price was very reasonable for what you get. So far fired a couple hundred rounds and am very pleased with the gun. The gun holds 17 rounds witch I thought was great other than I seem to go through rounds quick, thats my fault though. The look and feel is great 3 palmswell sizes make it comfortable for just about anyone. Seems to shoot a little low out of the box but I havnt tried to adjust for that yet. All in all I say its a great gun. Its my first S&W and I would consider them in the future.



This is an awesome firearm! I have a safe full of handguns and this is by far the most accurate and easy to shoot pistol I own. Recoil is soft, the gun is spot on accurate and it functions perfectly. After hundreds and hundreds of rounds, it has never jammed or F2F. I'm not a S&W uber fan by any means, but I love the M&P 9mm. It's a dream to shoot.

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