If you know anything about holsters that come out of the Uncle Mike's production facility, you'll know that the company has a love affair with nylon designs. Thus it's easy to see that the company would construct it's IWB holster from a nylon sheath coupled with a polymer hook-clamp.

The holster itself is made from four layers of ultra-thin nylon and laminate sheeting. While a lot of nylon holsters have a reputation for being "puffed up", this is not the case with Uncle Mike's IWB Holster. The proper use of these materials has produced a holster that carries similar to a traditional suede construction holster.

The designers didn't forget useful features like a internal moisture barrier that keeps perspiration away from the surface of the gun, an optional velcro retention strap that meets many law enforcement department regulations, and a suede-like exterior that helps keep the holster in place when the gun is drawn.

While many IWB holsters incorporate a series of snap-loops to secure the holster in place, this one has a single polymer clip that attaches to the waistband of the wearer's trousers and is clamped in place when the gun belt is cinched down properly over it. This makes the holster extremely easy to remove with no need of removing the pistol from the holster while doing so.

Uncle Mike's IWB Holster is made for almost all the major service-sized pistols as well as for standard-sized revolvers with barrels up to 4" in length. Non mainstream handguns will usually find a home in one of these holsters as well, but it is advised to place a quick call to the manufacturer before buying in order to insure you order the proper variant.

This IWB holster is only offered in black but is available to right or left handed shooters. As mentioned before, the holster can be utilized with or without a velco retention strap.

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