The P380 is the most popular pocket pistol from Kahr Arms. It is small, light, and easy to conceal. These are all of the primary characteristics which are the basis for a good pocket gun. Low cost is a bonus. Accuracy is good to have but at 10 feet or less, which is the usual distance these guns are used for self defense, match grade performance is not a requirement to get the job done.

Luckily, the P380 has all the benefits described above and unlike most pocket pistols made in the last 35 years, the Kahr P380 is chambered in .380 Automatic. Some call this round the “9mm Short” and many have said that it is the absolute bare minimum that should be used when carrying a gun to defend yourself.

The P380 pocket pistol is a simple design, but not too simple. While it lacks any type of external safety it still sports a locked breech/tilting barrel system instead of the less reliable blow-back design found on many of these smaller type of guns. Built on the tried-and-true framework of a forged steel slide and barrel matched to a polymer frame, the Kahr P380 has a lot of other features often overlooked by other manufacturers which the company intended to add value to the pistol and bring greater overall satisfaction to the end user.

To start with, the gun comes standard with dove-tailed combat sights of the 3-dot variety. These have become almost standard in the self-defense pistol market but they have not been completely adopted by pocket pistol makers who often build them with both front and rear sights fixed and integrated into the frame. The benefit of dove-tailed sights on a pocket pistol is that the shooter is able to upgrade to night sights or another brand of premium sights which he or she may prefer. Upgraded models (KP38233N, KP3833N, and KP3834N) come equipped with Tritium night sights already installed.

Weighting in at only 9.97 ounces when not loaded, the P380 is the lightest pistol which Kahr offers. It is just under 5” in total length and under 4” in height. Both the slide and barrel are made from forged steel with the latter coming from the Lothar Walther Match Grade barrel lineup. The textured grip of this gun's polymer frame houses the pistol's 6 round magazine, two of which ship with the gun when it is new.

All safety systems on this pistol are internal which makes sense as this gun is not intended for range or competition use and and many shooters who don't have time to continually train with a gun like a 1911 will want to pull the trigger and have the gun fire when under duress. The trigger is double-action-only and works the internal striker-fired components. Beginning in 2010 the gun was shipping from the factory with a tip-up loaded chamber indicator to let you know if the gun has one in the pipe or not.

Both bi-tone stainless steel slide and traditional black finishes are available for the Kahr P380. A “Black Rose Edition” with custom engraving on the slide is also available but it runs about $100 more than the traditional version.

Reviews for the Kahr P380 pocket pistol can be found below. Please write a review of your own if you've had the chance to use this gun before. People often are concerned about how well it shoots, how good the trigger works and whether you have experienced any problems with the gun. Any info you have about the company's customer service department should you have had to have warranty work done is helpful as well. Thanks in advance for sharing your first-hand perspective on this gun's overall value.