The PF-9 is a sub-compact 9mm pistol which incorporates the best design features of the company's popular P-3AT pocket gun. After ten years of concealed carry shooters toting around heavy double-stack guns and all-steel single-stack 1911s, there was a demand for something both thinner and lighter. A few single-stack guns such as the Taurus Model 709 Slim were brought to the market, but the big players such as Glock and Springfield Armory were reluctant to tool up to bring their own slim-line polymer guns to the market.

Where there is a demand some company is going to start looking to meet that demand to make a profit. Thus the birth of the PF-9 sub-compact pistol. The gun is small enough to be carried in an IWB holster or an Ankle Holster. It's thin profile means that carrying the gun is less of an intrusion than other more bulky pistols.

A quick glance at the controls of the Kel-Tec PF-9 will allow most people familiar with guns to notice that there is no external safety of any type. No thumb safety, no trigger safety. It does come with an internal hammer-block safety which is automatically engaged each and every time the trigger is pulled. The result is that the gun cannot fire if the trigger is not pulled. As with the Glock, the absence of a thumb safety implies that the gun needs to be carried in a proper holster that protects the trigger from being manipulated inadvertently. The trigger itself is setup in a double-action-only format, so each trigger pull requires a long strong pull for the gun to fire as well.

The front sight is integrated into the slide in a permanently fixed position. The rear sight, however, is a new design unique to Kel-Tec and is adjustable for windage. The slide itself is made from forged steel as is the barrel.

The pistol is produced in three different finishes, blued, parkerized, and hard chrome. Each of these is mated to the polymer frame and while black is the most commonly sold color for the frame the gun is offered with grey and green lower receivers as well.. The frame itself features an integrated rail system, but the gun is so short that only one locking groove is available limiting the number of attachments which will work with the gun.

Reviews of the Kel-Tec PF-9 sub-compact pistol can be found below with the newest reviews at the bottom of the page. Please write a review of your own if you have used this gun in the past and can shed some light on its overall performance and value. Please send photos of your gun to and we'll be sure to include them in the PF-9 Photo Gallery once your review is approved.

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