PLE Unlined Paddle Holster by Galco

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I've been in law enforcement for approximately 18 years. I understood the importance of having reliable equipment from day one, and when it comes to personal protection and survival, you don't cut corners. When I looked for holsters for my off duty weapons, I looked at the quality of the product, durability, proper fit to the pistol, functionality and comfort. I have multiple holsters...but the best by far are my GALCOs. I have the FLETCH pancake holster, the Conceal belt holster, and the FED and PLE paddle holsters. My FLETCH and FED holsters are now 18 years old and still in great condition! How many products do you still have that you use dailey that have lasted that long? For me...GALCO isn't just a's a way of life. I depend on these holsters and I trust these holsters. Just for your information...I have all of the above mentioned holsters for my Beretta 92FS, Sig Sauer P229, Glock23 and Glock 21.



I recently joined the sheriff’s department reserve police deputy force and was told that I’d need to get a holster with a retention strap for all official events that I would be assigned to. As I’m not full-time, I wanted a holster that wouldn’t be easy to get on and off, so a paddle hoslter was just the thing. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of paddle holsters out there that are not made of plastic and still have a retention strap. This one did and it has been pretty good to me overall.

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