Pocket Revolvers

Typical Pocket Revolver

For many years, the pocket revolver was the only gun being made specifically for the purpose of pocket concealed carry. The technology to create semi-automatic pistols that were small enough was long in coming and when it did arrive, the guns were prone to breakage. Ammunition was continually scaled down with the result being that the guns were considered by many to lack the amount of penetrating power needed to be considered a reliable, man-stopping round.

The pocket revolver never had this problem. The simplicity of the design allowed gun manufacturers to take guns from their existing service revolver lineups and size them down significantly by shortening the barrel and frame size. Doing the same thing on a semi-auto often causes the action of the gun to become unreliable without generous engineering changes to account for a shorter barrel and recoil spring. None of these issues come up with the wheel gun and thus high quality pocket revolvers have been available for years.

Another advantage that these guns have is their ability to be produced at relatively low cost. Many social experts felt that these guns were actuall too affordable as they became increasingly associated with illegal criminal use. The perjoritive term "Saturday Night Special" was soon coined to reference this perceived problem and quickly came into popular use by the anti-gun press. Lynyrd Skynyrd even entitled a song after the term.

Regardless of the negative imagery that the anti-gun community would like to permanently attach to the pocket revolver, the truth is that these guns are excellent at what they do. They provide a viable self-defense weapon that can be easily carried and concealed, it requires very few changes to lifestyle and clothing choice in order to carry consistently, and it is one of the most affordable handguns available.

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