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Whenever someone starts talking about a shoulder holster, inevitably the mental image comes to mind of a Dick Tracy detective type carrying his .45 slung under one arm, concealed beneath a tan trench coat.

The average shoulder holster, after being purchased, ends up on a coat hanger stuffed to the back of the hall closet, never to be seen again. This is mostly due to the fact that those who carry guns never really make adjustment from belt to shoulder rig. As is the case with just about every other issue that comes up when trying to find the best way to carry a pistol for self defense, wardrobe and convenience tend to be the deciding factors.

Admittedly, lightweight summer clothing tends to make it more difficult to carry with this way which is why a lot of people only put on their shoulder holster in the winter months when jackets and vests are the norm. A little thought goes a long way though and pretty much anyone can find that carrying their pistol or revolver in a shoulder rig has a lot of benefits, such as ease of carrying in a vehicle, that often go overlooked.

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