The Springfield Armory was commissioned by George Washington to build small arms for the United States military forces in 1794. It continued its mission for almost 175 years in Springfield, Massachusetts at a facility built within sight of the Connecticut River.

Well known for its enhancements in the field of firearms technology, the Armory was responsible for development of some of the most well-known battle rifles fielded by the U.S. military including the M1 Garand, the M14 and the subsequent sniper version, the M21. The original armory ceased production in 1968. Ten years later the facility was converted into a museum and was dedicted as a National Historical site by the National Parks Service.

Some Americans felt that this was an inglorious end to the proudest firearms production entity that the world had ever seen. In 1974, Robert Reese obtained the rights to the name which he attached to his new gun manufacturing company. New guns were once again being shipped with the Springfield Armory logo stamped into steel. The only question what whether or not these new guns would be in any way as reliable as the originals.

Springfield Armory 1911 Pro

Professional Model 1911

Time has been the great vindicator of the resurrected company. Springfield Armory is now considered one of the finest gun manufacturers in operation today. The company made a bold move early on and began shipping every gun with a Lifetime Warranty. Years later, very few competitors have decided to rise to the occasion and match the covenant that Springfield Armory has made with it's customer base.

While Springfield Armory still makes M1 rifles based on the original platform, it is best known for its extensive line of 1911 pistols. The company also markets their XD and XDm polymer frame, striker fired pistols which have garnered wide acclaim. The original XD is a Croation design originally marketed as the HS2000. Their new XDm line of service pistols share much in common with the original XD but add a series of new features that many claim offer significant improvements in performance.

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